Workers terms of use

1. It is clearly understood that Skillour may divulge personal information of the worker such as contact address, phone Number, email Address, personal details, profile etc. to the customers and may also publish in the website accessible to the general public.

2. The workers shall not provide incorrect, false, exaggerated or misleading information regarding their skill, ability, qualification & nationality.

3. The workers shall always behave courteously and politely to the customers and agrees that he will at all times faithfully, industriously and to the best of his skill, ability, experience and talents, perform all the duties required of him.

4. In carrying out these duties and responsibilities, the worker shall comply with all Skillour policies xxxxxxx(Insert Hyperlink), procedures, rules and regulations.

5. It is also understood and agreed by the worker that his assignment, duties and responsibilities and reporting arrangements may be changed by Skillour in its sole discretion, without causing termination of this agreement.

6. The worker shall be rated solely on the basis of reviews from their customers.

7. The worker shall not claim any remuneration, perks or charges other than which are stated in Skillour profile.

8. If the worker is having any communicable diseases that needs to be informed to the customer prior to the visit.

9. All reasonable expenses arising out of the service shall be approved by the customer prior to being incurred supported by the receipts.

10. It shall be the first and foremost obligation of the worker to ensure personal hygiene, decent clothing and good behaviour which shall the rating.

11. The worker shall not use alcohol, tobacco or any other narcotic and psychotropic substances while at work place and during working hours.

12. If the worker is unable to provide the service on the agreed date, he shall inform the customer.

13. The Skillour shall not be liable for any kind of damages or accidents caused to the worker either at the work place or during the journey to the work place.

14. The Skillour shall also not be liable for any property loss or damages caused to the customer by the worker, while working at the work place.

15. If there is any change in the wages, the worker shall forthwith edit the Skillour profile to incorporate such change.

16. The Skillour does not entertain any late-night works either indoor or outdoor work sites. Therefore, the worker shall not be engaged in any late-night work except insisted by the customer.

17. If workers having any complaint regarding service of Skillour the same shall be informed to the Skillour complaint cell. The Skillour shall not be made party or invited to conciliate dispute between the workers and employer.

18. The workers here by undertake that Skillour will not be made party to any litigation or disputes. In the unlikely event of a dispute between the worker and Skillour the same will be carried out at the court jurisdiction situated where the Skillour head office is located.

19. If the agreed worker is substituting another worker on his behalf, he shall ensure that the substituted worker is registered with Skillour and the same has to be informed to the customer.

20. It is understood by all parties that Skillour has the right to use all personal details of the users for any commercial purposes as and when required by the company.

21. A worker shall produce any of their original identity card bearing photo if required by the customer.

22. The documents regarding work expertise may be uploaded to the skillour website after providing a self-declaration.

23. The workers are also entitled to upload reference address and contact number of the respectable members in the community like, ward member, Panchayath president or similar personalities are sited as references that may improve your Skillour rating.

24. The workers shall not enrol in any similar or identical website or platform which is against commercial interest of Skillour.

25. The Skillour shall be entitled to deactivate their registration if any of the workers violate the rules of the agreement or does anything which is found unjustifiable by Skillour.

26. The workers shall ensure that adequate safety measures are provided at the work place. The worker shall refuse to engage in any work if adequate security is not provided at the work site.

27. When the workers are engaged in works related to electricity dissemination, they shall wear rubber glows, shoes, other required precautionary measures and shall refuse to work when there is lightening.

28. The Workers shall ensure that all security measures and safeguards required by law or reasonably required while engaging in dangerous occupation is adopted before engaging in the work.

29. The Worker shall devote full attention and skills to the services provided by him to the customers and will not engage in any other business during the work period.

30. Skillour shall be entitled to amend, modify or alter any of the above provisions.

31. All the details, personal information, contact details uploaded to the platform shall be true, correct and shall not be misleading.

32. This agreement contains the entire terms and conditions between the parties, in all aspects superseding any prior oral, written agreements or understandings pertaining to the duties of the worker by the customer and shall be amended or modified only by written documents signed by both parties.

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